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CA INTER - COSTING - Overheads

Best Conceptual knowledge of Costing

Language: English

Instructors: CA ANUJ JALOTA

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Why this course?


This course will give you complete knowledge of the Chapter on Overheads. This contains the Lectures, Relevant PDF files of the notes and the Test are also included with the suggested answer and the marking scheme. 

Ensure that you do the complete course and homework solutions, whose answers are available on our website. Link:

For any doubts message us on telegram id: @ajnext.

Course Curriculum

Lecture 01 - Introduction
Lecture 02 - Q1 to Q3 including Q1 batch costing
Lecture 03 - Q4 to Q8
Lecture 04 - Q9 to Q11
Lecture 05 - Q11 to Q18
Lecture 06 - Q19 to Q24
Lecture 07 - Q24 to Q28
Lecture 08 - Q29 to Q33 inlcuding Q2 of Batch Costing
Lecture 09 - Q33 to Q38
Chapter 4
QUESTION - Chapter 4 - Absorption Costing and Overheads
SOLUTION - Chapter 4 - Absorption Costing and Overheads

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